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Avoiding Computer Problems Through Good Habits

If you’re trying to avoid computer problems then the best things that you can do are to get into good habits.  There are so many things that you can do in order to avoid the worst things that can happen; it’s really very simple.

First off, back up your data.  I can’t stress this enough.  You really need to back up your data in order to avoid the worst disaster possible.  Losing data or hard drives can happen anywhere, anytime, and at the WORST times.  Actually, it always happens at the worst times :(  Anyway, always make sure you’re doing round the clock backups. And the best way that I’ve seen that you can do that is through using a service such as Backblaze.  This service saved my butt one time when my hard drive got fried by a failing power supply unit.  It was awful but at least I had a backup!!!  If I didn’t have that, I’d be royally screwed or I’d have to shell out megabucks for a data recovery service that may or may not have even worked.

Avoid internet bad neighborhoods.  If there’s any surefire way to get a virus or malware onto your computer it’s by cruising these shady areas on the internet.  Andy by bad neighborhoods I mean gambling sites, adult sites, and hacking sites.  Even shady message boards can be a bit of a bad news area.

Protect your PC with a vigilant and well reviewed antivirus software program such as Norton.  I use Norton 360 and it works pretty well I must say.  It has helped me out on many occasion.  You can’t skip this!  You could be fine for years and then all of a sudden you’ll get a devastating virus on your computer that wipes out everything.

Always keep your software up to date as well.  If Windows wants to update itself, let it!  Always turn on the auto update feature too, because you WILL forget.  Updates for flash, for example, will patch security holes that could leave you vulnerable to infection with viruses and malware. You could be up shit creek without a paddle if you don’t let your software keep itself up to date.  Browser updates are another form of this of course.

In other news, ensure that you keep your hardware up to date as well.  Drivers can help improve the speed and stability of your computer.  Video card drivers are notorious for this – increasing performance by up to 50% in some cases.

Don’t download weird software.  Try not to download torrents.  Don’t download ANYTHING unless it’s absolutely necessary.  That’s my rule of thumb at least.  The one time I ended up downloading a software program from one of those shady “free” software sites I immediately got hit with a virus.

Other than that it’s pretty easy to maintain a computer.  Just keep it simple and maintained.

Protect Your PC and Your Safety

Attacks targeting home and business computers are increasingly common, with the tactics used often very sophisticated. That, in turn, suggests computer users need to take advantage of available software to protect their hardware, software, and sensitive data. There are a few basic solutions everyone can use to minimize the odds of a malicious attack being successful. While a few may require an investment, others are totally free.

Install Virus and Malware Protection Software

Here, there is a constant battle among software providers to provide the best protection. Reviewers are constantly testing new offerings from both free and fee-based systems to determine which offer the highest level of protection. Computer users owe it to themselves to monitor the reviews and, when necessary, install the best protection available. Oddly enough, some of the free offerings are often highly rated. PC Magazine and CNET are two sources users can access that provide reliable reviews.

Update Existing Software Often

Operating systems and browsers are routinely updated as new threats are identified. Make sure your computer is set to download updates automatically if you are not religious about checking for updates yourself. Other programs, like Microsoft Office, will also provide frequent updates designed to keep your system running properly and minimize the potential for intruders gaining access to your computer.

Take Advantage of Backup Services

Cloud-based backup services offer users an easy way to securely backup files. They require little in the way of software to set up and ensure your files are regularly saved to a remote location. In the event something happened that destroyed your resident file system, the data can be easily restored. On-site backup systems are also an option, but an on-site backup system is subject to theft or loss in the event of a fire. Those are not issues when the backup system is cloud-based.

It’s important to remember that data security best practices are constantly evolving. That means computer users should always stay up to date with the latest security strategies. By staying on top of ever-changing security software and updates, users can avoid many threats to the safety of the data on their computers.

If Something Goes Wrong

If something goes wrong with your computer then there are a few options that you can take advantage of in order to get it running again.  Depending on whether or not it’s a software issue or a hardware issue should determine your course.  If it’s caused by a physically broken piece of hardware then you’ll have to go the repair route – either replacing the part or taking it in to a tech repair place.  However if it’s software related you can often take steps to fix the problem on your own.  If the Windows operating system has been corrupted or damaged in some way (such as by a virus or malware program) you can use software such as Reimage PC Repair in order to fix the issues.  This program does a great job at fixing Windows from the inside out so you don’t have to worry about having to reinstall the operating system.

Basically prevention is the best thing when it comes to computer issues, but if you can’t prevent it then there are a number of good malware removal tools and PC repair tools that can help you get back up and running again.  I suggest a quick Google search as well to see if people haven’t found a solution to a particular problem already!

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